Telemedicine: the new frontier in remote medical support systems

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For more than 25 years, Quebec-based Sirius Wilderness Medicine has provided complete medical solutions, advanced care, medical infrastructure and training in some of the most isolated and harsh regions of Canada.

Sirius has remained a leader in the field through its development and implementation of an advanced telemedicine system specifically designed for remote mining and exploration sites.

“Telemedicine has enabled us to dramatically increase the level of medical care we make available to workers” states Dr. Marc Gosselin, Sirius’s Medical Director. More than mere videoconferencing, telemedicine integrates a complete medical system with a secure communications system, allowing Sirius to provide specialized medical support in areas where medical care is severely limited if not outright inaccessible.

Dr. Gosselin explains that most medical problems arising on remote work sites cannot be adequately treated by first responders. Medical evaluation by Sirius physicians and the medical team through the telemedicine system can make all the difference. Minor and non-urgent conditions may be treated on-site reducing patient discomfort, lost time, work disruptions and costly evacuations. Serious and urgent conditions are identified quickly so critical care and rapid evacuation may be mobilized without delay. Projects of virtually any size can have immediate access to a doctor and a secure means of transmitting patient data.

Sirius’s telemedicine system integrates several critical elements:

  • A secure communications system that can transmit comprehensive information, including patient condition and critical data, to the Sirius on-call Physician.
  • A team of physicians and healthcare professionals with vast experience in remote site medicine, emergency medicine and occupational health and safety.
  • An integrated and secure data management system of worker health information and clinical data.
  • Installation of operational medical clinics in all environments.
  • Advanced medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals that have been specifically developed to support the telemedicine system.
  • Specialized training in advanced prehospital care for client personnel in the field, who may have to deal with difficult medical emergencies in cases of delayed evacuations.
  • Follow up and monitoring of patient care through all levels of medical care.



Telemedicine is an attractive option for the mineral exploration industry, according to Sirius President Bob Washer, because it

1)      Offers rapid access to an emergency physician who will support on-site personnel in cases of more severe medical conditions.

2)      Enables personnel to treat minor medical problems on site, thus reducing the need for costly evacuations and decreasing work time losses.

3)      Can be adapted to all levels of on-site care (from first responder to nurse), making it both flexible and scalable.



In addition to a comprehensive telemedicine system, Sirius also provides an array of specialized services so clients can focus on their own specialization knowing that the health and safety of their workers is getting the priority treatment it requires – both before and during their time in the field:

  • Industry-recognized occupational health and safety training for people working in remote regions
  • Expertise in risk analysis and OHS compliance
  • Simulations and critical event scenarios allowing companies to test their emergency response capacity and ensure worker safety
  • Development of Emergency Response Plans and Evacuation Plans in tandem with local and regional health services
  • Worker injury prevention programs and remote Fit to Work evaluations


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