December 2017

Sirius New Ownership!

We are extremely pleased to announce that Sirius Wilderness Medicine has a new owner.  

On December 8 2017, Sirius Medical Director Marc Gosselin MD along with four partner-investors purchased Sirius from former president Bob Washer.   

Building upon Sirius Wilderness Medicine’s 27 years of history and with the support of Bob Washer, the new management team will continue to provide the same excellent service for which Sirius is known.  

Our goal is to preserve and further Sirius’s leadership role in remote medicine in Canada. We will do this by increasing the presence of Sirius in remote workplace and wilderness first aid training, developing new training programs for remote medical specialists and providing high-quality medical support teams and telemedicine systems to ensure the safety of remote site workers.  

For any questions, please contact: 

Sirius Wilderness Medicine  
2685, rue Rolland, Suite 303
Sainte-Adèle, Québec
Canada J8B 1C9 
Tel : (514) 509-2112 / (877) 982-0066