Medical Advisory Board

Our Medical Advisory Board is made up of highly trained and certified physicians, pharmacists and medical specialists.

Marc Gosselin, MD

marc gosselinDr. Marc Gosselin is Sirius’s Medical Director. He is an emergency physician in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (QC), who also specializes in sports medicine, family medicine and wilderness medicine. From 2000 to 2008, he was director of emergency medicine at the Centre de santé et de services sociaux in Saint-Jérôme. In addition to being medical director for Sirius, Dr. Gosselin is also medical director for the Centre de médecine sportive des Laurentides (CMSL) and for Ironman Mont-Tremblant. He is a member of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine, the Association québécoise des médecins du sport and the Wilderness Medical Society. Dr. Gosselin has worked as a visiting physician in numerous locations in Canada’s northern regions. He has an extensive personal background in outdoor pursuits and sports, as a triathlete, mountain biker, mountaineer, rock climber, telemarker and ski instructor.

Steven Cape, MD

Steven Cape EditedDr. Steven Cape is an in-hospital physician at St. Mary’s Hospital Center in Montreal, with a focus on critical and intensive care and internal medicine. As a member of McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Cape is very involved in the clinical teaching of medical students and residents. He devotes much of his spare time to outdoor pursuits, with a particular interest in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing and swimming.

Louis-Philippe Kassar, B.Pharm.

Louis-Philippe Kassar croppedLouis-Philippe Kassar is pharmacist and owner of the pharmacy in the Clinique Médicale de Sainte-Adèle. He provides Sirius with essential technical support and advice and is our principal supplier of medication. He has a bachelor of science in pharmacy from the Université de Montréal and has owned and managed a number of pharmacies since 2000. Currently, he focuses his energy exclusively on his Sainte-Adèle pharmacy. He is passionate about better informing and educating his patients, and has given numerous lectures on a variety of topics related to pharmacological care.

Josée Lanouette, BA (Honors), MSc

Josee_LanouetteJosée is Manager of Health & Safety and Sustainability at John Abbott College (QC). She has been a master instructor with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Quebec (HSFQ) since 1988. She was also a master-instructor representative at the HSFQ and contributed to the development of the English version of the First Aid manual. Josée has a Bachelor’s in Physical Education from Western University, a Masters of Arts and Sciences in Athletic Therapy from New Mexico State University and an advanced studies certificate in Public Health from the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Medicine. Josée has extensive experience in aquatics, for many years managing the aquatics department of John Abbott College. She is a former ski patrol. In her spare time she enjoys skiing, swimming, hiking, kayaking, squash and long-distance cycling. Josée has been on Sirius’s Medical Advisory Board since our founding in 1990 and contributes to our curriculum development and instructor training.

Matt Cruchet, HBOR, BSc, PCP

matt firefighterMatt is one of Canada’s leading experts in outdoor risk management. He is founding president of Direct Bearing Inc., a safety and risk management consulting firm. He regularly speaks at conferences and symposiums and his various publications are used by outdoor professionals in the field as well as in academic curricula throughout North America. He is a part-time professor at Algonquin College (ON), where he teaches in the Outdoor Adventure Programs. Matt has degrees in Outdoor Recreation and in Natural Sciences from Lakehead University (ON), and is a primary care paramedic currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Paramedicine. He is also Deputy Fire Chief and a Community Emergency Management Coordinator. Matt has been with Sirius since 1996 and is one of our Master Instructors.

Lise-Anne Masson, RN, BSc, W-EMT

Lise-Anne_MassonLise-Anne has been a Sirius Instructor since 2001 and a Master Instructor since 2006. She has taught all levels of Sirius courses to a wide variety of clientele and helped to develop Sirius training programs. As a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, she worked on numerous projects on Baffin Island and assisted in the development of our remote medical support services in the Arctic. After working as a clinical nurse in critical care, she now teaches nursing. She is a graduate of the Outdoor Adventure Tourism program at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. An avid paddler and traveller, she worked as a guide in various fields, particularly therapeutic adventure.

Julien Henry, RN, BSCN, PCP

Julien_Henry_MJulien is a Registered Nurse, licensed in Quebec, Nunavut and the NWT. He works for Sirius in a number of capacities. He is an active Sirius instructor, a regular nurse and paramedic on remote camps for our medical support services and a member of the Sirius administrative team in Sainte-Adèle. His administrative tasks involve program development for our medical support services, including developing medical ERPs and protocols and producing site documentation. In between his assignments for Sirius, Julien works as a paramedic on the streets of Montreal and Laval and as a professional ski patroller at Mont Tremblant. As a nurse, Julien worked for two years in a busy Montreal emergency department. He gained experience in the wilderness through many years in summer camps where he guided groups of youth on white-water canoeing and hiking expeditions.

Yannick Sisla, W-EMT

Yannick-Sisla_MYannick is a senior Sirius instructor, remote site medic and a member of our administrative staff. As a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, Yannick divides his time between working as a medic on remote work sites in the Canadian north and coordinating Sirius’s many Medical Support Services projects. He teaches the full range of our remote worksite safety programs, from wilderness first aid to search and rescue and wilderness readiness.

Dominique Ballet, EMT

Dominique-Ballet_MDominique has more than 20 years of experience in pre-hospital emergency care. He is an emergency medical technician and a wilderness first responder. He has been a Sirius instructor since 2001, and has taught our courses all across Canada. Dominique combines his passion for pre-hospital emergency care and his love for the arctic in his work for Sirius. He has frequent mandates in the Canadian north, both as remote medic and as instructor. He is also a First Aid Instructor for Québec’s Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST), and has guided extensively across Canada and abroad.

Kent Wood, BPE, PCP, EMT

kent wood_edited-1Kent is a primary care paramedic whose accreditations include HAZMAT/WMD response, mine rescue, Basic Cardiac Life Support instructor and First Responder instructor. He works as an ambulance technician and a first responder in the province of Québec and a remote site paramedic for Sirius in the Canadian north. Passionate about pre-hospital care, he is always researching leading edge care and equipment. Kent has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the University of New Brunswick. He has been an avid practitioner of outdoor pursuits for many years. He is also a partner in a skydiving club, a pro exhibition jumper, and a safety and training advisor for the United States Parachute Association.

Johanne Feron, RN

Johanne PeronJohanne is a Quebec-based registered nurse with more than 23 years of experience in critical care in a tertiary trauma centre in Montreal and expertise in hyperbaric medicine. Since 2010, she has taken part in international humanitarian missions to armed conflict zones, regions affected by natural disaster and development projects. Passionate about her work, she is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Health. Johanne joined the Sirius medical support team in 2012.


David Mepham, MSc, EdD (in progress)

David_Mepham_IDavid is Professor and Director of the Outdoor and Adventure Tourism  Program at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC). He also heads the University’s Outdoor Expertise and Research Laboratory (LERPA). His principal areas of expertise include remote emergency response, risk management and experiential education. David actively contributes to various sectors of outdoor pursuits, including remote public safety, search and rescue, technical and professional training. He runs several university and government projects including a cross-faculty regional project in adventure tourism and ecotourism at UQAC, a user safety project for the Haute-Gaspésie backcountry, and a project sponsored by Quebec’s Department of Public Safety and the National Secretariat for Search and Rescue to develop a training program for search and rescue volunteers in Quebec. David is a Master Instructor of Sirius Wilderness First Aid programs.