Sirius Medical Support

Sirius clients rely upon us to manage a critical aspect of their business – the health and safety of their workers!

Sirius provides much more than a single first aid attendant, medic or nurse. We set up and manage remote and project site clinics. We provide complete medical and safety systems that include medical personnel, equipment, training, emergency response and medical evacuation plans, reporting systems and medical protocols.

Comprehensive Medical Program

Remote work sites are complex operations. Whether you require short-term coverage or a long-term solution, our team of specialists work with you to prepare and produce a comprehensive and reliable medical program for your site, community or wilderness operation.

Sirius Provides

  • Infirmary preparation, management and closing
  • Medical personnel
  • Compliance with relevant health and safety regulations
  • In-house medical directors and pharmacists
  • Latest standards in medical equipment
  • Medical supplies and medication
  • Medical protocols for remote care
  • Liaison with external medical facilities
  • 24-hour emergency contacts
  • Medical response and evacuation plans
  • Detailed reporting and documentation
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing supervision
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) development and review
  • ERP testing and safety audits
  • Realistic simulations and health and safety system evaluation
  • Efficient logistics
  • Off-site management and logistics support

Our Medical Services

Industries We Serve

Sirius serves a broad range of industries that operate in remote locations across Canada.

    • Wildlife and environmental research
    • Mineral exploration
    • Mining operations
    • Geological survey and mapping
    • Environmental decontamination and site remediation
    • Isolated community health centres
    • Adventure tourism
    • Expedition planning and management
    • Forestry operations
    • Remote construction projects
    • Public safety operations

Our Clients

Sirius Medical Support Personnel

Sirius has an extensive pool of highly trained, experienced and fully certified medical support personnel. Many have worked with us for years and have acquired invaluable experience from remote sites across Canada and the arctic.

    • Physicians
    • Nurse practitioners
    • Nurses
    • Paramedics
    • First aid attendants
    • Physician assistants

Sirius provides the best level of medical support personnel for your site or remote operation based on the specific requirements of your province or territory, the number of people on site, the type of work performed and the distance that separates your site from the closest emergency medical services.

Our on-site personnel are supported by highly trained and certified medical directors and an experienced administrative team all of whom fully understand the realities of remote camp operations.

Our Medical Support Team