Our Company

For more than 25 years, SIRIUSMEDx has been a leader in wilderness first aid training, risk management and medical support services. Founded in 1990, SIRIUSMEDx is known both at home and abroad for the expertise and experience of our staff and for delivering exceptional programs and solutions.

Our Services

Wilderness Safety Training

SIRIUSMEDx is the largest provider of wilderness safety training in Canada. We offer Wilderness First Aid courses and all levels of practical training to resource industries, government, scientific exploration groups and outdoor professionals.

Medical Support Services

SIRIUSMEDx is a trusted and experienced provider of medical support services for remote work sites and wilderness operations. Our comprehensive medical and safety programs are adapted to the specific needs of each client. Our services include medical personnel, equipment, logistics, training and much more.

Risk Management

SIRIUSMEDx provides a full range of hazard evaluation and risk management services. These include, among other services, safety audits, regulation compliance assessments and emergency response plan development and evaluation. 

In the Language of Your Choice

All SIRIUSMEDx programs and services are offered in both French and English.

Our Head Office

SIRIUSMEDx’s head office is located in Sainte-Adèle, Québec, one hour north of Montréal.

We are proud to be a partner with the Corporation du Parc d’Affaires La Rolland in its environmentally farsighted project of preserving this heritage paper mill.

Where We Operate

SIRIUSMEDx training programs and services are available throughout Canada and abroad. Our instructors and medical personnel travel to your sites and communities to provide training and support. SiriusMedx has a particular expertise and many years of experience in the Canadian north.

Client Satisfaction

SIRIUSMEDx has a reputation for anticipating the unexpected. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in all that we do, and we deliver programs that exceed expectations. We are proud of the many recurring projects and long-term relationships we have developed over the years.