We are all closely affected by this pandemic, which is evolving at lightning speed.

In the hope of slowing down the progression of the virus, it is essential that we all mobilize. This is why at SIRIUSMEDx, we have decided to suspend our training programs at least until may 1st. Also, from now on, all our employees will be able to work from home in order to respect the directives and be with their loved ones during this difficult period.
We are closely monitoring the situation and working with our clients and partners to implement alternative solutions to mitigate the impact of these cancellations.

With respect to our medical support and risk management consulting services, we are closely following up on our clients' recommendations to ensure the health and safety of workers on deployed on remote sites and are ready to offer our expertise to anyone who wishes to validate their approach in the face of this unprecedented situation.

At this time though , our thoughts are turned to the healthcare workers who are on the front lines to provide care for those who will be more seriously affected by the virus. We wish them all the energy necessary in the weeks and months to come and, above all, we wish them to stay healthy in order to continue to fight this battle.

In this period of pandemic, the usual considerations for workers on remote sites: worker promiscuity and the remoteness of health services require great vigilance to ensure their health and safety of workers and communities in the vicinity of the projects. 

We are working closely with our various partners and customers to develop solutions to put in place thourough screening measures to allow a safe deployment of workers on remote site.