COVID-19 Management System

The SIRIUSMEDx team specializes in the development and implementation of preventive measures and medical care in remote regions. Our expertise focuses on the evaluation, planning and integration of risk management systems as well as medical consultation and oversight on remote work sites. 
Our team is composed of physicians and nurses specialized in infection prevention and control measures.

We have developed a comprehensive infection risk management system including: consulting, training, screening, testing,
personnel, case management and equipment.



To help companies to work in compliance with the health regulations and recommendations in force in their sector of activity.

To create a controlled environment where your workforce can be healthy and safe.

Minimize the risk of hindrance to your activities and keep your employees working.

Minimize the risk of infection in your local community and project area.



• • • • • •

Risk assessment and management plan 

  Solution adapted to your operations 
  Initial audit and risk assessment
  Preparation and/or revision of the Exposure Control Protocol (ECP) and Infection Control Plan (ICP) to be implemented prior to deployment of your workforce to the site
  Development and implementation of a screening  and diagnostic testing (PCR, antigen, etc.) strategy under the supervision of our medical advisory committee
  Preparation or revision of the medical emergency response plan (MERP)
  Ongoing evaluation and consultative process during the project.

• • • • • •

Online training and webinars

Ensures education, understanding, consistency and compliance for employees, management, contractors, cleaning crews, and others).

Mandatory online COVID-19 security training prior to deployment.

Educational capsules and newsletter for updates and current practices.
• Hand washing techniques.
• Good respiratory hygiene.
• Procedures to follow upon arrival at the site.
• Training procedures and deployment of PPE.
• Department-specific information.
• Cleaning and management of department-specific equipment.

In-person training available at your site.

• • • • • •

Medical Screening and Testing

Screening and Testing
General and/or specific medical screening questionnaire for
COVID-19, following the most recent INSPQ guidelines and based on our industry experience.

Administration, management and evaluation of the questionnaires carried out through our secure web application, which can be customized to the client’s image, if desired.

On-site control upon arrival or before entering the managed area.

Daily health control process (vital signs, physical examination, other).

Rapid PCR screening laboratory, accredited and approved by Health Canada. Results transmitted in less than 24 hours.

• • • • • •

Location Management and Personnel

Health coordinator (medically trained) or health care professional :

  • Health Promotion
  • Incentives for prevention
  • Monitoring, enforcement and compliance of health standards.

Health coordinator (medically trained) or health care professional.

Application of guidelines and recommendations for hygiene measures.

Case Management.

Teaching the correct use of PPE.

Disposal and management of hazardous waste.

• • • • • •

Case Management and Medical Support

Medical oversight and clinical governance.

Case management strategy and remote support for symptomatic and/or positive tested workers.

Recommendations for quarantine as per health authority guidelines.

Rental of medical equipment and drug kits for advanced care.

Telemedicine / medical consultations for on-site workers and off-site

Nursing consultant.

• • • • • •

Sanitary Equipment and Supplies 

Adapted personal protective equipment (PPE): Gloves, masks. visors, isolation gowns.


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