First Aid Kits, Medical Equipment and Supplies

SIRIUSMEDx Guide Kit, Retail $100 CDN

The SIRIUSMEDx Guide Kit has been designed for professionals and those who venture far away from medical care. The kit contains enough dressing and bandaging materials for a group in addition to top-quality stainless instruments.

  • EMT shears – for cutting clothing, laces
  • Stainless instruments
  • Pen light
  • Syringe for wound irrigation – for use as a “pressure wash” in wound cleaning
  • Wound management materials
  • Waterproof dressing – waterproof yet breathable dressing for aquatic environments
  • Elastic bandage, 7.5cm
  • Tincture of iodine, 25 ml – for wound cleaning and water disinfection
  • Emergency rescue blanket

Custom Kits and Special Orders

Special orders for remote kits are available and can be configured to incorporate group size, work location, season, industry and the level of emergency care required. Contact us to discuss your specific project specifications.

Sirius Wilderness First Aid kits are specifically designed to meet the needs of those who work and travel in remote areas. Sirius kits are designed for year round use and incorporate the best quality materials and supplies.

Kit Features Include

  • Containers constructed for durability and made of waterproof, high density hospital grade nylon that can be easily cleaned and maintained
  • Interior compartments made of high quality mesh for easy viewing of contents and to allow any moisture to vent
  • Additional containers and compartments for your own equipment and supplies
  • Brand name quality supplies
  • EMT quality stainless steel instruments
  • All organizer bags are screened with the SiriusMedx logo, known across Canada as an organization that provides professional wilderness medical training.


SIRIUSMEDx products are carefully designed, tested and constructed to ensure long-lasting use and durability. We guarantee all of our products for as long as you own them. If you have any concerns regarding materials or workmanship, return the kit to us for immediate repair, replacement or refund.

Medical Supplies

Through our network of suppliers and pharmacists we can supply any level of remote kit system or medical facility from a mobile system to a complete infirmary or remote medical clinic.

  • Medical assessment tools: sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, otoscope, digital thermometers, pulse oxymeter, glucometer, etc.
  • Critical intervention and life support equipment: automated external defibrillator with monitoring and recording capacity, advanced airway intubation management, oral and nasopharyngeal airways, oxygen administration equipment, oxygen tanks, regulators, bag-valve masks, oxygen masks, etc.
  • Spine and orthopedic trauma management: spinal boards, head immobilizer system, cervical collars, folding emergency stretcher, vacuum splint kit, various splinting materials, crutches, etc.
  • Trauma management supplies: shears, bandage scissors, suture scissors, ring cutter, scalpels, hemostats, medic jump kit, medical exam light, etc.
  • Specialized treatment room instruments: sharps container, stainless covered instrument tray, stainless kidney basin, stainless irrigation tray, stainless wash basin, urinal, bed pan, etc.
  • Sterile and non-sterile dressings: tape, gauze, wound closure strips, bandages, cold and hot packs, burn kits, first aid kits, personal protective equipment, N95 respirators, syringes, needles, IV kits, IV solutions, etc.
  • Specific kits: first aid kits, burn kits, eye wash station, etc.
  • Other supplies: additional equipment, supplies and medication as required depending on project specifications.