Our Medical Services

Implementing a complete medical prevention and response system begins well before the first workers arrive on the site. Exhaustive research and planning is the cornerstone of a reliable and thorough system. Contact us early on and let us lend our years of experience and extensive array of resources to your health and safety program – every step of the way.

We Look After All the Details

SIRIUSMEDx provides a complete medical system that includes every aspect of remote medical support from project evaluation through to medical equipment and staffing. Implementing our comprehensive system allows you to focus on other things.

Project Preparation Work

We make sure that you get off to a good start. Our team conducts thorough research, preparation and documentation before we begin work on your site.


  • Reviews project specifications, location, environmental parameters.
  • Reviews the existing emergency procedures and emergency response plan.
  • Develops a detailed medical emergency response plan (medical ERP) for the project.
  • Researches and integrate local medical facilities and infrastructure.
  • Provides extensive liability and medical insurance coverage.
  • Implements a complete medical inventory management system.
  • Prepares and packages all medical equipment, supplies and medication for delivery to the site.
  • Configures our medical reporting system to client specifications.
  • Provides communications tools for site specifications.
  • Submits all permits, attestations, insurance and compliance documentation.
  • Sets up the infirmary, equipment and supplies on site.
  • Provides medical staff that has the skills and qualifications to suit your specifications.
  • Prepares all staff rotation schedules and travel arrangements for full project coverage.

    Site Management and Administration

    We provide an extensive medical support system that is carefully designed to be simple and straightforward to administer.


    • Covers all salaries, taxes, employer contributions and all other relevant compensation and employer expenses.
    • Complies with all relevant workplace health, safety and insurance regulations.
    • Manages rotation schedules and any changes in travel arrangements.
    • Provides constant off-site supervision, management and support.
    • Provides off-site medical support and direction.
    • Requests and processes extended-hours permits when required.
    • Processes medic journals, medical reports and patient records.
    • Processes medical equipment and supplies orders.
    • Tracks the medical equipment inventory.
    • Provides detailed reporting of work-related accidents, illness and medical interventions.
    • Processes and track workers’ compensation and insurance claims.
    • Assists site management with health- and safety-related tasks.
    • Contributes to the site health and safety committee.
    • Provides training course manuals, teaching materials and related supplies where appropriate.

      Site Closing


      • Packs medical equipment and supplies, and closes the inventory.
      • Processes the medication inventory.
      • Generates closing reports for all medical treatment provided to employees during the project.
      • Tracks inventory and prepares stock for subsequent years/projects.
      • Generates final project reports.
      • Securely archives confidential patient data and medical reports.
      • Provides detailed and accurate billing and invoicing.

        Medical Equipment and Supplies

        Comprehensive remote medical systems involve outstanding medical support personnel and infrastructure. They also require the right equipment. SiriusMedx provides all inventory, preparation and management for your site infirmary (regulation research, inventory definition, sourcing, packaging, shipping, dangerous goods management, setup, storage, security, etc.).

        Our remote medical management system is the most cost-efficient means of providing the highest level of care for your site. You save on investing in expensive medical equipment and on the cost of conducting exhaustive research.

        By using our own carefully designed medical inventory, SIRIUSMEDX ensures

        • Compliance with all regulation and legal requirements.
        • Medical supplies and medication are consistent with Sirius medical standards and compatible with the medical protocols administered through the local medical system.
        • Our medical personnel have equipment that they have been trained to use and are familiar with.
        • Our equipment is meticulously maintained, regularly tested and updated.
        • The right medication is selected and prescribed by our medical directors and pharmacists, and properly secured and disposed of when required.
        • Our on-site personnel have the appropriate medication when responding to emergency medical directives.
        • Packaging and transportation of equipment is properly managed every step of the way.

          SIRIUSMEDx maintains a complete inventory of essential medical equipment and supplies so that we are always ready when you are. Through our network of suppliers and pharmacists we can stock any level of medical facility from a mobile system to a complete infirmary or remote medical clinic.

          Our inventory includes

          • Computer equipment for the medical personnel: laptop, printer, scanner, backup drive, communication tools.
          • Complete IT system: configured with current software licenses, medical references, medical intervention templates, remote medicine utilities.
          • Medical assessment tools: sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, digital thermometers, pulse oxymeter, glucometer, etc.
          • Critical intervention and life support equipment: automated external defibrillator with monitoring and recording capacity, advanced airway intubation management, oral and nasopharyngeal airways, oxygen administration equipment, oxygen tanks, regulators, bag-valve masks, oxygen masks, etc.
          • Spine and orthopedic trauma management: spinal boards, head immobilizer system, cervical collars, folding emergency stretcher, vacuum splint kit, various splinting materials, crutches, etc.
          • Trauma management supplies: shears, bandage scissors, suture scissors, ring cutter, scalpels, hemostats, medic jump kit, medical exam light, etc.
          • Specialized treatment room instruments: sharps container, stainless covered instrument tray, stainless kidney basin, stainless irrigation tray, stainless wash basin, urinal, bed pan, etc.
          • Sterile and non-sterile dressings: tape, gauze, wound closure strips, bandages, cold and hot packs, burn kits, first aid kits, personal protective equipment, N95respirators, syringes, needles, IV kits, IV solutions, etc.
          • Specific kits: first aid kits, burn kits, eye wash station, etc.
          • Medical supplies and medication for heart attack and angina, respiratory emergencies, allergies, anaphylaxis, metabolic disorders, pain management, infection control, cough and cold symptoms, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, etc.
          • Other supplies: additional equipment, supplies and medication as required depending on project and site specifications.

            If you already have medical equipment and supplies for your project, contact us to discuss special arrangements.


            SIRIUSMEDx maintains an extensive insurance policy that covers property, general commercial liability, medical professional liability and malpractice and third party liability. Additional travel accident insurance covers our employees, instructors, medical staff and subcontractors. Our insurance coverage for general commercial liability and medical professional liability is $5,000,000.