Telemedicine is a technological tool that allows remote health services to be provided to workers working in isolated areas and in absence of an on-site medical support personnel by providing access to a medical practitioner (Nurse / Physician / Specialist) remotely located when a medical condition or injury happen.

A physician of the SIRIUSMEDx team (or another consultant as required) may, by electronically transmitted information, evaluate a condition to make a diagnosis, propose treatment and suggest follow-up or a specific intervention.

The information sent to the health care provider could be:

  • Medical record and medical history
  • Photographs or images illustrating the condition
  • Video or audio
  • Any other information that may assist the consultant in conducting the evaluation.

The means of communicating information in telemedicine may vary according to the quality and availability of the modes of communication:

  • Telephone calls.
  • Encrypted e-mail consultations.
  • Securely transmit photos / videos / vital data.
  • Teleconsultation, either live or in asynchronous mode (second time) depending on the quality of the communication and the availability of the interlocutors.

Communications systems are used to ensure the security and integrity of data in order to protect the confidentiality of the patient at all times.

Benefits of a telemedicine system

  • Allows to conduct a remote medical consultation for the assessment of minor condition
  • Provides medical advice or medical assistance when a medical condition occurs to a worker in order to better specify the type of intervention required
  • Reduces loss of time and absence from work due to long-term evacuations
  • Reduces evacuation costs by helicopter
  • Avoid the worker, when possible and safe, from having to leave the camp to consult a health professional
  • Improve the safety and health of workers in isolated settings by making the expertise of a health professional accessible at all times despite the remoteness.

 Telemedicine System Components

 Project set up and closing activities

    • Equipment management
    • Medication prescriptions
    • Protocols
    • Client documentation
    • Emergency Medical Response Plan
    • Computer preparation
    • Communication and logistics
  • Review of worker’s medical forms and archiving
    • Filing medical forms
    • Review medical forms info
    • Follow-up on special cases
  • Training days
    • Procedures and administration
    • Documentation and reporting
    • Equipment presentation
    • Critical interventions, O2, AED, Airway
    • Assessment skills
    • Review, medical, orthopedic, critical illness
    • Camp Hygiene and health
  • Equipment Rental
    • Telemedicine module including the computer and digital camera
    • AED kit
    • Airway and Oxygen Kit
    • Advanced First Aid Kit including:
      • Assessment tools
      • Orthopedic kit
      • Spinal & immobilization
      • Soft tissue management kit
      • OTC Medications
      • Prescribed Medications
    • Satellite Communication System (If needed)
  • Medical teleconsultations
    • Non-critical situations – Registered Nurse 1st line
    • Non-critical situations – MD 2nd line
    • Critical situations – MD 24/7

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